Promotional Products, Cover-Mount Gifts & Incentives
We can suggest a large variety of possible gift ideas, and even meet to look at samples. All you need to do is give us the basics. The more information, the more helpful, of course - Copies of your magazine(s), web address, and any ideas you've had yourself (whether it's an existing product or not), reader information and demographic and interests and last but not least, budget range. Just ask us to come up with the ideas, and we will do that for you. Even if you've had a price quoted elsewhere on an item, we will probably be able to produce it for you much cheaper by going direct.

Most products can be supplied with a logo, and packaging in a poly bag with either a backing card or paper in full colour, adding only pennies to the cost of the job, but infinitely more impact.

If you're ready for some great gifts, lets get started. To contact us, please click here.
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